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Electrical Testing Bristol


Are you in need of an electrical testing Bristol based company who can provide all necessary testing for your business or home? For all businesses The Electrical Installation Report is a legal requirement of The Electricity at Work Regulations 1974.

We offer PAT testing for businesses as well as landlords as you have a statutory right to ensure any appliances on the premises are safe for use, and regular PAT Testing is a necessary part of the duty of care documentation.
The law states that all appliances must be in good working order to not inflict harm on any person or tenant who may come in contact with the appliance, whether new or existing.

BE Electrical also offer home buyers reports to let home owners know if their new property will require electrical services such as re wiring which can be an extremely costly process.
Contact BE Electrical on 07833 087 275 if you are interested in a free no-obligation quote of services or have any questions on the electrical testing services which we offer.

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